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Dedicated to Scatha, Earl Shepherd's BMW Z4 M Coupe and first Art Car.

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 Welcome to MyArtCar.com, the website dedicated to Scatha, my Z4 M Coupe.

 Roundel and Total BMW have covered Scatha as an Art Car. She was also featured on KTLA 5 News, Zach Mayne's "Ultimate Driving Machines 2013" calendar, ApexRaceParts website, Bimmerfest.com, SpeedHunters.com, and the Just A Car Guy and Fire Tim's blogs.

Come meet Scatha "in person" at Bimmerfest on 5-18, 2013!

I am a freelance artist and designer working in Orange County, California.
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If you wish to make a donation toward my artistic endeavors, you may PayPal earl@myartcar.com (please select "personal", then "gift").

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