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Dedicated to Scatha, Earl Shepherd's BMW Z4 M Coupe and first Art Car.

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Paint and Brushes
The first tool I used was Photoshop, to compile a grayscale multi-view layup of Scatha on which to sketch a layout for the painting. I roughed out the sketch in pencil and then started coloring it in. Then I realized that enough would change when I started applying the composition to the actual car, so furthur work on paper would be a waste of time.

To paint on Scatha I mostly used Liquitex acrylics, with a couple of Golden colors used due to availability. The tubes used were:

    Brilliant Blue
    Burnt Umber
    Burnt Sienna
    Cadmium Red Medium
    Cadmium Yellow Medium
    Emerald Green
    Iridescent Bronze
    Ivory Black
    Manganese Blue Hue
    Light Blue Permenent
    Light Green Permenent
    Prism Violet
    Titanium White
    Unbleached Titanium

 The brushes used were:
    Flat brushes, #2, #4, #6 and #12
    1/4" short handle Princeton flat brush
    1" and 2" flat utility brushes
    A tiny detail brush

I used a black dry erase marker for the initial layout. For the final line work I used black, red, gold and copper Deco Markers. And I used Liquitex gloss and matte medium to clearcoat the Art Car. There is a little bit of pearl metal flake mixed in with the clear that covers the ocean, so it sparkles as you walk around the driver's side.

Art Car drawing     Art Car paint     Art Car brushes     Art Car pallette 

Other Tools
Many other tools were necessary for completion of this project.
    My PC and PhotoShop for the initial composition layout
    Motorola Droid, using Google Sky, for accurate placement of stars
    Google for picture searching and mapping of Santa Barbara roads
    Flight Simulator X, for Santa Barbra lights and orientation at night
    Casio EX-Z750 camera, to reference pictures while painting
    Canon 40D, for daily progress pictures

    Florescent overhead lights, primary lighting source
    Daylight, illuminated the passenger side better than overhead lights alone

    Florescent shop light, to check details in darker areas
    Halogen work light, additional illumination when working on the passenger side at night
    Florescent lamp,
additional illumination when working on the passenger side at night

Car tools:
    Battery charger, to keep the battery healthy
    Floor jack, to change the angle of the rocker panel when lettering the "sponsor stickers"
    Painter's tape, to mark the floor for daily progress photos
    I rolled the car every day to prevent flat spots on the tires
itchen scale, to monitor weight added to the car from painting (appx. 1.0lbs)

Other paint tools:
    My son's 1/2" foam alphabet mat for laying on the garage floor, later replaced by 3/8" black mat
    A plastic hand cleaner bristle brush, for deep cleaing art brush bristles
    A 4-part platic baby dish, as a pallette
    A plastic brush cleaner, the lid
also used as a pallette
    A box fan, to cure paint more quickly
    A rolling shop stool
    Incense: Jaya Durga (goddess of victory), white sage, cedar
    1:18 Interlagos Blue Z4 M Coupe, as reference for Interlagos Blue paint on the Art Car's trunk

Reference Photos
I used a lot of reference photos during this project. Most often these were used to remember specific details, such as corner worker locations at Willow and script specifics on the "sponsor" logos. Nothing else was painted directly from the photos. They were used to trigger memories of the places and atmospheric conditions relative to the compositions. Some I took myself, others were sourced from the internet. Below are a few of the photos I used, see if you can figure out where I used them on Scatha.

Santa Barbara moon     Santa Barbara lights     Santa Barbara map     Santa Barbara Flight Simulator X     Santa Barbara sunset     Cold Springs Bridge     Santa Barbara view
Willow Springs Budweiser Balcony     Streets of Willow Springs     Willow Springs mountains     Willow Springs hills     Willow Springs water tower     Willow Springs clouds     Willow Springs high clouds

Influencing Media
Some time ago I noticed that when looking back on a painting my mind would often flash a memory of whatever tv show or movie I was watching when I had painted a particular section of that painting. Since this Art Car project was vastly larger than any other painting I had done I thought it might be interesting to keep a record of what media influenced it. Unfortunately I have no sound system in the garage (how I didn't think of that when building it I'll never know), so I was left with TV and movies to keep me company while I worked. A special thanks to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, for keeping me sane in the late hours.

TV shows:
    American Dad
    Bizzare Foods
    Cowboy Bebop
    Family Guy
    Ghost in the Shell
    Great Planes
    King of the Hill
    NBA playoffs
    No Reservations
    Robot Chicken
    The Boondocks
    The Masters at Agusta
    Top Gear
    Venture Brothers

Movies from my collection:
    A History of Violence
    American Psycho
    Aliens vs. Predator, Requiem
    All That Jazz
    Big Trouble in Little China
    Blade Runner
    Boingo, Farewell
    Death Hunt
    Death Wish
    First Blood
    Galaxy Quest
    High Plains Drifter
    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    It Might Get Loud
    Jurassic Park
    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
    L.A. Story
    Man On Fire
    Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
    Nacho Libre
    No Country For Old Men
    Pearljam, live in New York
    Private Parts
    Star Trek
    Star Wars, IV and V
    The Black Hole
    The Dark Knight
    The Enforcer
    The French Connection
    The Ghost and the Darkness
    The Great Escape
    The Hobbit
    The Incredibles
    The Last Starfighter
    The Life Aquatic
    The Lord of The Rings
    The Pledge
    The Prophecy
    The Right Stuff
    The Secret of Nimh
    The Thing
    There Will Be Blood
    Tropic Thunder
    V for Vendetta
    White Hunter Black Heart
    Wonder Boys

There was little time for recreation, but during breaks I would read or play video games. I finally read Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential, and kept tabs on automotive news via MotorTrend, Road & Track and Car & Driver. I played Angry Birds, Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO), Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and the Wii's Grand Slam Tennis.

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