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Dedicated to Scatha, Earl Shepherd's BMW Z4 M Coupe and first Art Car.

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The Concept


This Art Car is a portrait of Scatha, metaphorically, on Scatha using my Formal Impressionist style. Which is to say I used inspiration from her two roles as a weekend canyon carver and track car to cover her in a diptych of two separate, abstracted landscapes. 

Specifically, the driver's side is a stylized view of Hwy 154 overlooking Santa Barbara at sunset and the passenger side is Willow Springs International Raceway at dawn. The skies of the two sides converge and blend on the hood, roof and decklid. This creates a yin-yang shape with the "dots" being the M symbol on the hood and a helmet/moon on the roof. 

Because of the nature of race car visuals, it is necessary to have some "sponsor stickers" painted into the passenger side of the car, along with the car's number. These sponsors are not truly sponsors, as none have paid to be on the car or even knew that the project existed, but are companies that contributed significantly to Scatha's development. The number "400" is Scatha's production number.

Other design elements, that are covered to a greater extent on the "In Detail" page, include BMW M stripes and  logos, Interlagos blue and white tail, the Cold Springs Bridge, the Budweiser Balcony, engine cover and supercharger abstracts,  the city of Santa Barbara, and unique treatments of the side markers.

My desire for this project, as in all my automotive paintings, is to hopefully impart an interest to the art and automotive circles that they need not be mutually exclusive, which is too often the case.


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